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State Government Tax Collections

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Historical Data

Data from the Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections are available online for each year from 1992 to the present. A historical dataset for years 1951 to present is available in Excel format.

Historical Webpages

Historical Dataset

We have prepared a comprehensive downloadable Excel file for the detailed State Government Tax Collection data beginning with the 1951 survey through to our latest data.

The .zip file provided below includes the following:

  • Microsoft Excel file of the historical State Government Tax Collections data
  • Tax Revenue Classifications
  • Data user notes explaining the time series
  • Glossary of selected terms used in the survey
  • Current year’s survey methodology

If you are having trouble downloading the data in the available format, please contact the State Finance and Tax Statistics Branch by email or by phone at 1 (866) 820-7210.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | State Government Tax Collections | 1 (866) 820-7210| govs.statetax@census.gov |  Last Revised: December 13, 2013